Option #3: Executive Suite

Our Executive Suites are our most popular.  Not only do they provide a window to the outdoors, they include a private outdoor catio with bird feeders to monitor and sun rays to soak up!  These units are ideal for 1-2 cats.  Your cat will want to come back to MeowTown again and again after experiencing this relaxing option. 

Option #2: Townhouse

Our Townhouses are a step up in luxury.  Floor to ceiling in height, these suites are great for 1 - 3  cats.  With different levels to climb and a view of the outdoor catio, your feline friend is sure to enjoy his home away from home at MeowTown!  These units can be joined  to accommodate a large cat family.  Special pricing applies.

Here at MeowTown we have 3 suites to choose from for the comfort of your pets.  All suites come with exemplary care and attention, as well as the use of our indoor playroom.  Your cat can explore the resort on his own while our other guests are lounging or playing in their individual suites.  For safety, we do not allow cats from different families to explore together, though they can greet each other through their doors.  Your cat will experience environmental enrichment while jumping onto perches, climbing cat trees or checking out the fish tank.  They may also enjoy a movie!  Of course, no cat resort is complete without soft beds and chairs to rest on.  In addition to our indoor suites and playroom, we are thrilled to offer outdoor "catio" patios where our guests can soak up some sun and watch the comings and goings at MeowTown! 

The facility is equipped with a ventilation system to reduce airborne contaminates and foster a healthy, clean atmosphere.  We take pride in the cleanliness of our facility with the suites constructed of materials that are extremely durable and easy to clean.  We can monitor the cats 24/7 on our video surveillance system, and if you wish we can arrange for you to SKYPE with your pet to see how much fun he is having at MeowTown: Luxury Resort for Cats!  If you are unable to transport your pet to and from our facility, we can pick up and deliver for you.  See "Rates" page for details.

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Option #1: Cabin

Our Cabins are the perfect choice for the quiet or elderly kitty.  They are large enough to accommodate 1 cat very comfortably.  All cabins are affixed with a perch, litter box and soft bed, with most of the cabins overlooking the outdoor catio.  Your cat still gets to play outside in the catio and use the playroom!