Customer Reviews

"Thank you Sally for taking such great care of  Lucky and Panther.  We felt so confidant leaving the kitties in your care for three weeks.  In 14 years they had never been out of the house.  They actually came home with renewed spirit and playfulness - as if they had a great vacation too!  Thank you so much!  You will see them again.  Kindest Regards" - Cherin McKend   

"Great care from Sally for my two cats Bella and Rusty. They were there for a week while I was awsy in the US and Sally was great to keep me updated on how they were doing. I would recommend this place to anyone. Spaces are bright and clean and spacious. The catio is amazing!" - Colleen McKoy

"I've never had anything but great experiences with Sally and MeowTown. The facility is clean and the cats are given lots of opportunity to run around one by one and enjoy the catio. I also like the fact that she makes sure that all cats that stay there are up to date on their shots before they are allowed to stay, which makes me feel that it is safer to leave my trio there. Excellent job, Sally!" - Katherine Zion

"I dropped my 3 cats, Smoke, Harry and Lady last Sunday at Meowtown and picked them up on Saturday. I was worried about Smoke as he is an outdoor cat who comes in to eat and that's it. Well he had his own little porch and access to the cattio which made him very happy. Harry is sick and Sally kept him at her house where he got lotsa love! Lady was just being Lady, her usual skittish self. They all loved it there! I would recommend this place to anyone who cares about their cats. Extremely clean, large enclosures for your cats and great care given by Sally. In fact they are going back this weekend for a more extended stay." - Dawn Robinson

"Myles had a great 'staycation' while we were away on our honeymoon. We picked up a very happy and obviously well cared-for boy when we returned. Sally and her team are very knowledgeable and clearly 'cat people' - we couldn't ask for a better place for Myles to stay when we are away. We'll definitely be back!" - Cara Howard

"MeowTown is the place to take your cat if you need to be away from home! It is clear that Sally treats each cat as her own, with compassion, caring and TLC. The resort is immaculately clean with a great play area and private rooms for the cats to have their own space. LB came home a happy boy after his stay and we will gladly be sending him their again when the time is needed. We have past experience with boarding and I would highly recommend MeowTown to anyone who is considering boarding their cat. Thanks Sally for giving LB a home away from home when we couldn't be with him." - Tammy Kean

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"Very nice, friendly and very clean environment for your cat's stay. The staff was very nice and helpful by giving all medications needed to my cat Scruffy. Scruffy seemed very content when we arrived to pick him up. Thank you for everything." - Lynne and Steen Rassow          

"Sally has been more than accommodating since we moved to Brockville in July this year. Our two cats have been frequent visitors and eagerly awaited this new "cats only" facility (they're not big dog fans). You and your cats won't be disappointed!" - Mary Ellen Stoll               

"MeowTown is a beautiful, luxurious home away from home for your feline friend! You and your cat will not be disappointed. I would recommend MeowTown to all of my friends!" - Kaleigh Knox 

"We had Sally look after our three boys while gone for 5 days and everything was perfect, already have her booked for February!  The three boys loved her, thanks again Sally!" - David Charlton